About Stay In Touch®

For almost 30 years, real estate professionals have successfully increased sales and transactions through our simple, unique postcard marketing System®. The System was created by its founder, a current and successful real estate broker, Gail Boswell

Gail Boswell

Dear Fellow Associate,

As a real estate broker, I face the same challenges you face. Since 1973 I have stared down those same challenges as you have, and with hard work I have built a successful and busy real estatecareer.

I have seen market highs and market lows.  I have seen trends, fads and ideas come and go.  Like you, I have watched the market place change, and like you, I have worked to evolve with it.

As I grew my business, I recognized my need for a marketing system that was easy to use, practical, affordable, and, most importantly, effective. … something that would get the job done!

Not finding such a system, I teamed up with a National Real Estate Trainer, Rick Willis, to develop such a system. In 1986 the Stay In Touch Follow-Up System® was created. 

With all good marketing principles in mind, The Stay In Touch Follow-Up System® makes consistent and frequent follow-up easier, more effective and less expensive, keeping the realtor “top of mind” of those who receive the cards.

In today’s cluttered world, I am proud to know the System® is used by thousands of realtors throughout the U.S. and Canada, many for more than 25 years!

At Stay In Touch our mission is to increase the productivity of real estate professionals through relationship building, customer retention, repeat business and referrals.

To each and everyone of you, continued good selling!

Gail Boswell, President

Mission Statement:

To exceed the expectations of every customer by providing product and information to increase their productivity through the building of relationships that retain existing customers, ensure repeat business and obtain referrals.

Company Overview

We take the guesswork out of prospecting for Realtors. We provide a powerful, proven and simple postcard system that: 1) retains existing customers, 2) generates repeat business and 3) obtains referrals. With all good marketing principles in mind, the System makes consistent and frequent personal follow-up easier, more effective and with less expense, keeping the Realtor "top of mind" of those who receive them.

Stay In Touch, Inc.

Stay In Touch, Inc.

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