Building Your Stay In Touch® To-Do List


One of the most frequent questions we are asked by agents new to the business, or agents new to Stay In Touch®, is how do I get started, how do I prepare?

Here is a simple guide to lead you on your path to success:

*Make a commitment to be consistent with starting your marketing plan, and be patient.

44% of all buyers choose an agent based on a friend, relative or neighbor’s recommendation, according to the NAR®. The customers who come to you by referral are two and a half times more likely to work with you. The Stay In Touch Follow-Up System® is an automated System, guaranteeing repeat and referral business

*Create a mailing list of at least 50 contacts that you know or have done business with, this is your SOI.

•Past customers/clients •Business contacts •Friends

•Relatives •Closing Attorneys •Lender/Mortgage Brokers

•Insurance Agent •Veterinarians •Chiropractor

•Neighbors •Dentist/Doctor •Accountant •Open House attendees

•EVERYONE you meet

*Prepare the contact information for your mailings including a professional photo/headshot.

Your photo should be clear, head shots only… and, look square into the camera. If you do not have a professional photo, put that on your list of things to do… NOW. And your name is important, make it personal. Your signature should be on the card!

*Stay In Touch… and then Stay In Touch More!

Continue building your list, stay consistent with your monthly mailings, and then implement the other proven Stay In Touch strategies: Just Listed/Sold, Direct Response and Digital Marketing.

A list of 50 will not generate the number of sales/listings you need for good yearly revenue. We recognize that… build your list daily. Make it a habit at the end of each day. You met someone who should be added to your list.

Professionals know the importance of building relationships to increase sales. Real response comes more often when you reach out to your sphere consistently, memorably and often. Using a well-thought out proven System® saves you valuable time to list and sell rather than doing it yourself and/or wasting time on methods that don’t work. The Stay In Touch Follow-Up System® works… period.

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