CRM For Realtors: Introducing Stay In Touch More®

Stay In Touch More CRM for Realtors

Stay In Touch | MORE is a CRM for Realtors that equips you, the ever diligent Realtor, with everything needed to stand out, stay in touch, and grow your business in new ways. It is designed to help professionals like you create loyal clients and customers faster and easier than ever… adding a new dimension to your monthly mailings.

Hard copy print items have not, contrary to the opinion of some, become obsolete. As a matter of fact, according to statistics from November 2014, 56% of all consumers trust print marketing more than any other advertising method… and Stay In Touch MORE is designed to compliment the leads and referrals you get from using our postcard marketing system.

For a small investment each month, you can send personalized and/or branded emails and newsletters that are easily trackable, giving you immediate power to know exactly how and when to follow up. You can send greeting cards and gift cards one-at-a time, to a group, or to all your contacts at once! You can even schedule follow-ups and client retention/anniversary messages… one of the products many of of our clients have asked for.

Import your contacts, or add one at a time. Choose from dozens of designs and messages (or create your oThen send!

With this CRM for Realtors you’ll be able to turn prospects into clients, clients into referrals, and referrals into the success you’ve worked so ho achieve!

Grab your 30 day free trial of Stay In Touch More® …SIGN UP HERE: https://app.stayintouchmore.cgister