Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome To The Blog!

My name is Gail Boswell, President and Owner of Stay In Touch®, Inc.

I have seen real estate market highs and market lows. I have seen fads fade, good ideas and bad ideas come and go. I remember real estate way before we were writing blogs and sharing listings on social media. And, like you, I have watched the market place change, and I, too, have worked to evolve with it.

As an agent many, many years ago, I instantly recognized my personal need for a marketing system that was easy to use, practical, affordable, and, most importantly, effective… something that would get the job done! As a broker, I’ve worked to make that same System® even better for my own agents. And, as a real estate mentor and business owner, I continue to share my knowledge with agents and brokers internationally and nationwide.

I founded the Stay In Touch Follow-Up System® as a result of my personal need, way back when. Today, after 30 years, I can say with certainty those same principles still apply and are more important than ever to incorporate while building your own real estate career.

Shortly after founding the System®, an eager agent became one of our initial customers and took the first step in building his real estate career. He is still using the System® today… the only marketing he does. Are you ready to take the first step and begin building success for yourself?

With all good marketing principles in mind, The Stay In Touch Follow-Up System® makes consistent and frequent follow-up easier, more effective and less expensive… keeping you “top of mind” to those whom receive your cards, your SOI (Sphere of Influence). Good agents know that is a goldmine, waiting to be tapped.

Thank you for checking out our new blog, stay tuned for up-to-date, trending, and fresh real estate topics. Do you have some core topics you would like to hear more about?

Let us know. Your comments are welcome below:

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