Mailing Services

Mailing Services
Mailing Services

Mailing Services

Knowing the importance of staying in touch® consistently, frequently and efficiently, Stay In Touch, Inc. offers a complete mailing solution to ensure your cards are in the mail in a timely manner.

To do so, we have set up deadline dates necessary to meet our marketing model. Your cooperation in meeting those deadlines allows us to efficiently process your monthly mailings to the best of our ability in getting all postcards to the Post Office in a timely manner. Delivery is not our responsibility.

We offer the convenience of a one-stop resource where you benefit. Our goal is to make your mailings the most effective and cost-efficient it can be. Deadlines help make the process cost efficient.

With the aid of CASS-approved software, we’ll process your mailing lists to ensure the fastest delivery. This includes postal correction services as well as inkjetting, metering, sorting and mailing. Your mail is inspected and approved right at our center. Although supported by the most industry specific hardware and the work done by computers, it is the human touch and personal service that you will appreciate most.


List Management and Maintenance

Stay In Touch, Inc. has developed and offers to you a FREE Members Only site. On this site,, by utilizing your own individual log in info, you can import, add, delete, edit your contact information 24/7/365. Add email addresses, birthdays, anniversaries and personal notes, all in one easily accessible location. Meet someone new? Add their contact info right from your mobile phone… or, don’t forget the desktop application later that evening.

No reason to purchase a CRM. You have total control of your list at the Members Only site. Stay In Touch® pulls your updated list each month… and, your cards are in the mail. No worries! No hassle!

List Management
Radius Search

Radius Search and Consumer List

No mailing services would be complete without the ability to perform radius searches for your Just Listed/Just Sold mailings or to purchase Consumer List for your Direct Response marketing. We have that for YOU! At a price below market, purchase any list and market frequently: purchase a mailing list.

And new for our customers, digital marketing is now available. And with a small fee you can now perform one-to-one greetings for birthdays, congratulations, meetings, etc. Not to mention the ability to remember the anniversary of a purchase through our Client Retention program. Set up your 5 years plan quickly and easily. Click on and choose Client Retention. Each and every customer will love knowing you remembered the day they purchased their home from you. And, they will remember you when they are ready to sell. Capitalize!

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