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By clicking to here you now have the secret to becoming one of the elite…to joining the Winners!

The secret: Building and Maintaining your Sphere of Influence (SOI) list. You know the importance of doing so. Building and maintaining your list should be easy!

It is! With the StayInTouch® Member Only site, created for the real estate Pro, you can import, export, edit, delete, and add to your list 24/7/365.

If, and/or because, you elected the SystemPlus (We Mail For You) option of Staying In Touch by choosing one of our Stay In Touch Follow-Up System® Editions or any of the Financial or TIPS Collections you qualify to be an Elite Member.

And, there is no added cost. It is FREE to you!

Easily maintain multiple list! Include 35+ customer related fields such as emails, birthdays, anniversaries, etc… any note you want to remember about your customers, clients, friends and colleagues.

Here is how it works:

  1. Make your purchase.
  2. Open email with personalization (contact information) form.
  3. Return to Stay In Touch®.
  4. Approve the proof sent you.
  5. Submit your list to Stay In Touch®(How to format your list instructions included).
  6. Receive your log in info… and,
  7. Visit your list OFTEN

Every person you meet face to face should be added to your list. Make it a daily routine.


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