Personalizing Your Real Estate Postcards

Mail Box With Postcard

Get Noticed

Whether sending your Stay In Touch® monthly postcard, a direct response postcard, or marketing your latest listing, having eye catching, dynamic and memorable images gets your postcards noticed even among all the clutter one sees daily, enticing the recipient to turn the card over to receive the message.

Therefore, this becomes another key ingredient to your mailing… not the words so much as the over all “look”. The design of the text area should obey all the rules of good copy; e.g. lots of white space and not too much information. And, messages should appeal to the reader- not satisfy your own ego. A visual of a proven postcard message side design is shown here.

Messages are brief, easily read… and, above all, not touting of your own success, but instead offering benefit and/or willingness to provide excellent service. Well thought out messages thank them for their business and/or ask them to do business with you again. This has proven to be the strategy that works best, year after year… after year… after year!


Good Design Works… But A Word Of Caution

Your photo should be clear, head shots only… and, look square into the camera. If you do not have a professional photo, put that on you list of things to do… NOW.

And your name is important. Your signature should be on the card!

When ordering via phone our personalization form is an easy way to get your photo, signature and logos to us to do your personalization and create your postcard for you. Proofing is done via email by our graphics department staff.

When ordering "online" you can upload all elements easily at the time of order, giving you the ability to edit messages and view your proof immediately.