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Each Edition shown is offered as your 12 month marketing solution, with three (3) Options to Purchase. We will always remind you when your Stay In Touch Follow-up System® expires so that you never lose the power of Staying In Touch! Never!

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Canadian Substitutes

Canadian SubstitutesCanadian Substitutes

Canadian Substitutes


Because our Canadian customers are important to us, because they, too, know the value of staying in touch with customer and clients… and, because they celebrate Canada Day rather than our Independence Day, we have provided substitutions for July mailings.

When ordering, please let us know which postcard you prefer and we will gladly substitute it for you.

Your message will read:

Celebrate Canada Day!

Remember: your have the freedom to call me anytime for anything to do with real estate. I want to be the only Realtor you will ever need!

P.S. I look forward to your referrals. Thank you!