The ORIGINAL Stay In Touch Follow-Up System® used by PROFESSIONALS Who Close Transactions CONSISTENTLY and MORE OFTEN!

For 3 decades The Stay In Touch Follow-Up System® has been the choice of real estate professionals who know the important of generating repeat and referral leads… and how to do it RIGHT!

Unique, Proven, Simple… and, Powerful!



People choose to do business with people they know, like and trust. What better lead than to receive a referral from a customer, client or friend who has done business with you in the past? You can make it happen… if you Stay In Touch®.

If you do not Stay In Touch®…chances are you will be forgotten. Someone else will beat you to sale unless you take the lead by reaching out more and more often.

44% of all buyers choose an agent based on a recommendation, according to the National Association of Realtors. Studies show when you get a positive referral, that prospect is two and a half times more likely to work with you.

The Stay In Touch Follow-Up System® is an automated system that guarantees repeat and referral business, leaving you free to handle referrals, listings and sales.

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Not every prospect will buy today—but they’re much more likely to buy from you tomorrow with a sure, steady campaign of captivating real estate postcards. You have to be memorable to be remembered. Stay In Touch® keeps working for you consistently and reliably.


As busy as you are, isn’t it hard to remember to follow-up again and again through an extended sales cycle? If you don’t Stay In Touch®, you risk losing leads to your motivated competitors. Protect your prospects by keeping them close and familiar. Our proven system has converted cold leads into warm prospects into customers for thousands of our clients over the years.


Real estate email marketing has its place. Unfortunately, it’s an overcrowded space with low open and response rates. Most people are simply overwhelmed with too much email. Emails are too easily overlooked or deleted as spam or junk.

A customized, automated System® gets the job done!

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Glenn Necklen

Glenn Necklan

“Thanks Stay In Touch®! I just got a call last week off of my new farm database we started mailing a few months ago. Good listing opportunity. The System® Works!”

Glenn Necklen
Maple Grove, MN
Realtor for 15 years

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True professionals know the importance of building relationships to boost sales yearafter year.

What's their secret? It's their sphere of influence --their SOI. They nurture and expand their networks constantly.

You have a sphere of influence also. It's like a garden growing prosperity. Cultivate it!

Less than 30% of satisfied customers use the same agent again.Why? Because six months after a transaction they can't remember their agents' name.

Change the odds exponentially and double your sales by communicating with your ever-growing SOI. Get started today building the Ȋbook of business that will repay your investment, month after month, year after year.

Your success is worth it.

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Repetition and frequency are key to being memorable. With so many real estate agents and brokers to compete with, you have to be memorable to stand out from the crowd.

Here's why the Stay In Touch 12-month real estate postcard package is the best value.

  • Postcards are sent automatically once-a-month to keep your name out in front.
  • Beautiful seasonal images and pleasing content earn their welcome in hearts and homes.
  • Your time is most valuable when you are listing or selling. The System® allows you to stay busy selling while nurturing your prospects at the same time.
  • Tasteful real estate postcards are a low-key but effective follow-up approach that's never a nuisance. Mail is less intrusive than frequent phone calls or email spam.
  • Per-card prices get smaller as your mailing list gets bigger. With the law ofaverages, the more prospects you contact, the more responses you'll get!
  • Pay monthly or buy a one-year supply to mail on your own schedule.

Professionals have used our System® for nearly three decades always looking forward to our newest Edition of 12 dynamic images, each representing a month of the year. Contact us for real estate postcard samples today!

Your time is most valuable when you are listing or selling.

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Kevin Quick

Kevin Quick

“I have been using the Stay In Touch postcard system for over 15 years. It is by far one of the best marketing tools I have used and has resulted in a lot of business for me over the years. My clients love the cards and really look forward to receiving them each month! Several clients have told me that they collect them, others post them throughout the year on their refrigerator doors. In a business where having our clients remember us is key, this product certainly works masterfully!”

Kevin Quick
Stamford, CT
Realtor for 15 years

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There's no better time than NOW to join the "A-Team" by adopting the premier tools and techniques used by the most successful real estate producers. They know their time too valuable to waste on unproven strategies.

Take the guesswork out. Let our robust, ruggedly field-tested and proven real estate marketing System® go to work for you. It's like having an invisible helper at your side!

Start today—not tomorrow or next week or next year—to ensure your success...more easily, simply and affordably than you ever thought possible.


  • Free up your time
  • Build trust
  • Increase referrals
  • Enhance your image
  • Guarantee competitive advantage
  • Enjoy higher profits

Every postcard is one step closer to a working, successful relationship!

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Yes, when you select a Stay In Touch Edition of cards only. Carefully thought out, our System® provides your entire year of marketing and is based on the concept of consistency and frequency… the key ingredients to all good marketing! However, we will structure a custom program for you based on your personal campaign needs.
Typically, our "turn around" time is less than 48 hours. For personalized orders it takes about 72 hours after you have approved your proof and returned it to us.
Your credit card is processed at the time of each order unless we are doing your monthly mailings, in which case you are billed monthly based on your level of participation; i.e. the number of cards you mail. As you add to your list, your price per card decreases.
Yes. We provide two proofs at no additional charge to you, sent via email. Our Graphics Department works closely with you for custom layouts.
Our research indicates that this size is more often read and does not get “lost” among other mail, maximizing your dollar spent. The size of the postcards does matter for high-visibility. We maintain that philosophy.
Yes, of course. Our messages are provided for your convenience, but you may customize your postcards as often as you like. We have in-house graphic designers who will be happy to work with you to fill your custom design needs at an additional cost.
Everyone has a sphere of influence of about 250 people. That’s your mailing list. Begin there and watch it grow over time. For more targeted marketing, we provide a portal for you to purchase both consumer list and radius list at a below market price per name.
Our "Members Only" site is yours to use, FREE. An excel spreadsheet, or .csv file is the platform our data maintenance site is built on. We will import your database for you, in one of these formats initially at no charge. If you only have a WORD doc or .pdf doc we will input the data into the correct format for you for $.20 per name. From the initial import you can easily edit, delete and add to your list 24/7/365.
For the best quality, original photos, at least 300 dpi in a .jpeg format. Files may be uploaded on our web site ( or emailed to us at:
Yes, easily and conveniently by utilizing the “Members Only” database maintenance site, Deadlines do apply for any additions or changes made to your database if expected to apply to the next mailing date scheduled.
Cards should be mailed every month. An Owner’s Manual is provided with suggested mailing schedule. If you have chosen SystemPlus (we mail for you). Add your name and address to your database.
Personalization is accomplished using our standard template which can be found on . Information needed is any and all contact info, photo, email addresses, logos, etc. that you might select for your postcard. Additional charges may apply for custom designs.
Yes, just provide us with the exact information for your permit number. It will be printed with your personalized postcards and shipped to you for delivery to the Post Office.
We welcome Group and Office orders. The advantage is: the more cards purchased the lesser the price per card. Group/Office orders allow the combination of individual orders to qualify for the lesser price per card. Orders must be placed via phone. Call us to set up your group or office order at 1.800.241.9991.
Because our postcards are consider “letters” by the USPS if sending less than 200, the postage cost per card is the current cost of a postage stamp. However, by mailing with thousands of other, we pass on the savings, using our indicia, saving the cost each year of purchasing your own indicia.
Yes, as mentioned above, you have your own account in Members Only ( and access any time to make changes 24/7/365. Just be aware of deadlines that apply.
We accept all major credit cards, American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. You may also send a check.
As long as you photo is print quality (300 dpi) that is your choice: black and white or color. However, please note that we print in black and white unless otherwise instructed by you.
The resolution for web photos differs dramatically from what is needed for print quality. To not be too technical, web images are 72 dpi. Print quality is min 300 dpi. Unsure if your photo is high quality? Send via e-mail or upload to us, and we will give you the answer.
We love referrals just like you do. Call, text, e-mail, or complete the form on our website: We will be in touch with your colleague immediately... and, give you the credit!

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Elieen McVeigh

Eileen Mcveigh

“I’ve been using the Stay in Touch Postcard system for over 15 years. It’s the easiest way I know to stay connected to my clients. One of my biggest sales came from a client I had not spoken to in 9 years. He’s been on my mailing list and called me out of the blue to list his oceanfront condo. I sold it for $1.4 million. I’d say the system works!”

Elieen McVeigh
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Realtor for 25 years

STEP 1: Select Your Edition

Edition 27Edition 27

Edition 27

Edition 26Edition 26

Edition 26

Edition 25Edition 25

Edition 25


STEP 2: Select Your Service

Our "SystemPlus"

We Mail For You

Your monthly Edition selection choice, with standard message, photo and contact info, is mailed each month to the addresses you supply to us. The price is all inclusive, including a FREE platform where you can easily maintain your list (add, delete, edit). You are billed monthly, based on the number of contacts mailed to.

It's like having an entire marketing department at you side.. all at one price per card / per month!

Nothing could be easier or more effective... Best Value!

Cards Personalized

Full year shipped to you for mailing

We are happy to help, but if you like being in control, this gives you the monthly images selected above, with message, photo, contact info... all printed and shipped to you for you to sort, stamp and take to the post office. You are billed at the time of the order for the entire year.

It's your choice! You have control, but with added expense and time.

Your imprinted postcards will arrive timely!