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The Stay In Touch Follow-Up System®

The Stay In Touch Follow-Up System® is the original postcard marketing system created specifically for the real estate professional. The System® combats slow markets, retains repeat...

Stay In Touch System's Auto Mail

Get started with automated monthly mailings to your Sphere of Influence and/or Farming area with our pay-as-you-go postcard marketing system that allows you precious time to list and...

On-Demand Direct Mail Postcard Marketing

Low minimum purchase quantities and low per piece prices make on-demand direct mail postcard marketing a no-brainer. Our pricing makes postcard marketing affordable for any...

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Staying in touch, a journey to success

For almost 4 decades The Stay In Touch Follow-up System® has been the choice of real estate professionals who know the importance of generating repeat and referral leads… and how to do it RIGHT! You owe it to yourself to give it a try!

Powerful! Proven! Simple!

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Stay In Touch | Marty Griffin

"Well over 31 years I have used THIS fantastic system each and every month …And SOLD & Closed almost a billion dollars worth of Real Estate. The System really works at building and keeping relationships!"
Marty Griffin,
Phoenix, AZ
Realtor for 34 years

Stay In Touch | Marty Griffin

"a client of yours for over 15 years. That's how long I've sent cards out...every month. Even when I was short on money for stamps...LOL The system works...Just had my last listing because of two cards I sent the seller's..."
Suzi Stemper,
Flushing, MI
Realtor for 18 years

Stay In Touch | Marty Griffin

"I love working with the Stay in Touch System! I have been in the real estate business for 30 years, and I have not found a better way to continue the relationships that I have established with my buyers and sellers, than these amazing postcards."
Pat Anderson,
Northboro, MA
Realtor for 31 years

Stay In Touch | Marty Griffin

"Initially I did little marketing. My business had begun to decline when a fellow associate told me about Stay In Touch. I created a mailing list of all my past customers and clients and began sending their monthly postcards. With the cards’ quality and beautiful images, plus consistent mailings, my business began to again increase and has increased every year since. Thanks to Stay In Touch I may never retire!"
Grace Belcher,
Indiatlantic, FL
Realtor for 44 years