Building Your Sphere of Influence List

What Is A Sphere List?

Your own internal list of customers, clients, prospects, friends, family and colleagues is going to perform better than any external list you might think you want to use. In fact, your personal Sphere list is a virtual gold mine. A list of 50 is not large enough to generate the number of leads you will need each year… so start with that number initially… and, add to it weekly.

And, it’s FREE! If it is large enough to generate the number of leads and sales you need to reach your personal revenue goal each year, look no further! There’s room for a purchased list in other marketing arenas.

Every customer/client you have worked with, every colleague, every neighbor, vendor you have done business with… everyone you have met eye to eye and had a conversation with, put them on your sphere list.

Focus on that. Never stop thinking about it. Own your market!

Begin Today!

Sit aside one evening and begin. Commit! We have listed categories below to help you. You will be surprised how quickly your Sphere mailing list will come together.

20% of those you know will refer you without asking and 20% will never refer you regardless. That leaves 60% of the people you know that will refer you if you simply ask. What better source of untapped business?

Studies reveal that only 4% of all agents stay in touch with past clients, customers, friends and relatives. The top 4%… and they have a reliable, easy, cost effective proven System in place. Others try gimmick after gimmick… and, eventually leave the business.

Start building your Sphere of Influence list:

  • Past customers and clients
  • Church Members/Religious affiliates
  • Friends and Neighbors
  • Relatives
  • Country Club/Civic organization members
  • Hair dressers, dry cleaners, nail stylists, etc
  • Closing attorneys and legal vendors
  • Clerks at grocery and/or department stores
  • Business contacts
  • Lenders/Mortgage Brokers
  • Doctors/Veterinarians
  • Insurance Agents and other vendors
  • Employers/bosses and/or co-workers from previous jobs

And, two important ones that are so often overlooked: fellow Realtors, both local and in other states (after all, who sends you referrals… remind them to think of you!) and everyone you meet, especially everyone who visits an Open House.